With my first makeup post for my blog i thought it was only right to share how much I love the new Rihanna Fenty Foundation. fenty

My shade is 310 and I have never experienced a foundation that is the perfect match for my skin tone and make me look like I didn’t even put foundation on. I am forever amazed at how Rihanna Fenty Foundation managed to make me look so flawless with this product.

First of all lets talk about the packaging!! Its amazing!! The bottle is just so beautiful it stands out alone on my make up table and I love how there is quite a lot of foundation inside, plus you only need one or two pumps for full amazing coverage so I can tell the product will last a very long time. Definitely worth the money.

The application of this product is very light on the face, which I was very shocked about considering it gives a full coverage. Personally I don’t like the feeling of heavy foundation on my face but I love the look of a full coverage and Rihanna (Fenty) was able to achieve that, which I am most impressed about.

fenty make up

Another thing that shocked me is the price of this amazing product. When it first launched I was ready to pay a £60.00 (or more) for this product because it was Rihanna Make up line and I am already a huge fan of Rihanna. It shocked me how affordable it is, £26.00 for foundation which is cheaper than what I would usually pay for another brand.


I am really excited to try on her other Make up products such as their Highlighters, Contour kits, eyeshadows, and lipsticks. I will take beautiful pictures and do reviews on the next Fenty Beauty product I will purchase.

Just like Rihanna’s music, she never fails to disappoint me and she did it with her Makeup line.

Il love to know anyones else opinion on the Fenty Foundation.

Is Anyone as excited as I am??