Feeling demotivated?? Here is some steps to stay on top 🙂

If you are living in the UK, we all know we are now transitioning to the cold weather, Winter is finally here!!! Winter is the season where most of us would rather to sit at home with a cup of hot chocolate by the fire, watching Netflix.

I have come with steps to help continue to feel motivated during the winter and enjoy this beautiful season as it is leading up to christmas.

Steps To Stay Motivated:

  • if you don’t already have one, buy a weekly planner. where you are able to write your daily tasks and activities that need to be done during the day. Trust me writing it down makes it more easier to complete tasks.
  • As we all know it is winter so we all want to spend that extra minute or hour in bed where it is warm. It is important to set a loud alarm in the morning so that your day feels a little bit longer as we tend to have shorter days and longer nights.
  • Feeling energised is another important factor after waking up, i would advise to wear your gym clothes and go for a cheeky jog or run or do a home workout….You will feel much better after and ready to start your day.
  • This is the most important for me! GETTING READY!! Once the shower or bath will wake you up and wear a nice outfit do your hair and makeup you will definitely feel like your ready to do those tasks, whether its house work, running errands, going to work, doing a hobby, or even meeting family and friends.
  • But before that, have a good breakfast, and input some vitamins (Fruit, fruit juices, or smoothies) into the breakfast to also give you natural sugars and energy.
  • Take a break, take time to yourself, whether it is reading, taking a walk, or watching your favourite tv show, it is important to meditate and take time to yourself to reflect and unwind, it helps clear the mind and destress.

If you feel like there are steps that I have missed to help you stay motivated please feel free to leave a comment, il love to see other peoples opinions to staying motivated during the winter!