Night routi Hey my lovelies!! Today I am going to briefly take you guys through my favourite part of the day. My Night Time Routine!!

As soon as I come home from a busy day out whether it is work, or running, errands, or seeing a friend I always look forward to that time where I can come home eat, and Relax!! Around 8:00 or 9:00 in the evening I like to use take off my make up using Simple Cleanser or Simple Make up wipes and jump in a nice hot bath.

During my bath I like to use some of the products shown in the picture such as cleansing water from Simple, and my face scrub by St Ives. This facial scrub is the best scrub I have ever used and super affordable from any drug stores and supermarkets. I suffer from eczema and this product is very kind to my skin and leaves my skin silky smooth with no harsh chemicals in it as I don’t break out afterwards.


I use the St Ives scrub with my face brush bought from Primark beauty range and I will be honest and say it is so soft for the skin and helps me exfoliate very well. After I exfoliate I then use my Mary Kay cleanser to wash my face and after this my skin feels extremely smooth and its the best feeling in the world!!

When I come out the shower I like to moisturise my body with Palmers Cocoa Butter as I find it very kind to my skin. As I mentioned before I suffer from eczema so I cannot use just any products but I find that Palmers cocoa butter keeps my skin clear and it prevents me from breaking out as I tend to get dryer skin during the winter season.

After I have creamed my whole body, I then plait my hair into two french braids or leave it in a messy bun ready for me to put on my winter pyjamas.


I love being comfortable and warm in bed during this time of year, so I am fully equipped. Everything on the picture shown above is from Primark as I find that they have the cutest/ best lounge wear. I love my long trousers, and long sleeve top, followed by my fluffy socks. At this point I can not wait to snuggle in bed with my Hot water bottle keeping me extra warm. (sometimes I may go the extra mile and make a hot chocolate with marshmallows on top). YUMMM!!!

After I get in bed its only right that I get my Macbook and my headphones and log on to Netflix and watch a movie till I fall asleep.


Thanks for reading my very brief night time routine.

Please let me know in the comments section if there any other skin care products that I can use that are very kind to sensitive skin as I have very dry skin and eczema during the winter!!

mwahhh xxxxx