Hey guys!!

This has been on my mind lately and I feel the best way to express be through writing. When things tend to be hard/ a struggle I feel that it important to have a constant reminder of what is important and that is Self Happiness. And it is nice to have a bit of inspiration or reminder from time to time.

My favourite quote is:

“Let your dreams be bigger than your fears & Actions be louder than your words”

I look at this quote from time to time and remind myself to not hold back and the world is my oyster. Be connected with making yourself happy and all loved ones and take time to treat yourself and focus on doing things that makes you happy. Once you are able to focus on yourself and happiness that will change your whole perspective of life and what you see everyday.

Its funny how the little things and little steps can make a huge difference in your whole day and emotions and mood.

Finding what makes you happy such as an activity gives you the chance to get to know yourself more and find out what you are good at, it also keeps a distraction from stressful situations in the outside world and benefits you from progress in life and feel one hundred per cent better afterwards.

Being active in my opinion is extremely important in mental health and physical too. Negative emotions and moods can sometimes be the cause is not being active of making that step to dreams as fears tend to take over if you allow it to and thoughts starts to develop. For this reason try to stay motivated as that sense of accomplishment can make everything ten times better!


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It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a post but I’m back now!!!

I’ve had time to think about the type of material il be posting on my blog and I would love to share my beauty secrets and beauty faves. But also want to share more lifestyle posts as I feel I could help so many people with lessons life has taught me. My aim is to make a difference the best way I can and that is through beauty , fashion, and life experiences/ journey 😍.

My Fall/Winter Night Time Routine!!

Night routi Hey my lovelies!! Today I am going to briefly take you guys through my favourite part of the day. My Night Time Routine!!

As soon as I come home from a busy day out whether it is work, or running, errands, or seeing a friend I always look forward to that time where I can come home eat, and Relax!! Around 8:00 or 9:00 in the evening I like to use take off my make up using Simple Cleanser or Simple Make up wipes and jump in a nice hot bath.

During my bath I like to use some of the products shown in the picture such as cleansing water from Simple, and my face scrub by St Ives. This facial scrub is the best scrub I have ever used and super affordable from any drug stores and supermarkets. I suffer from eczema and this product is very kind to my skin and leaves my skin silky smooth with no harsh chemicals in it as I don’t break out afterwards.


I use the St Ives scrub with my face brush bought from Primark beauty range and I will be honest and say it is so soft for the skin and helps me exfoliate very well. After I exfoliate I then use my Mary Kay cleanser to wash my face and after this my skin feels extremely smooth and its the best feeling in the world!!

When I come out the shower I like to moisturise my body with Palmers Cocoa Butter as I find it very kind to my skin. As I mentioned before I suffer from eczema so I cannot use just any products but I find that Palmers cocoa butter keeps my skin clear and it prevents me from breaking out as I tend to get dryer skin during the winter season.

After I have creamed my whole body, I then plait my hair into two french braids or leave it in a messy bun ready for me to put on my winter pyjamas.


I love being comfortable and warm in bed during this time of year, so I am fully equipped. Everything on the picture shown above is from Primark as I find that they have the cutest/ best lounge wear. I love my long trousers, and long sleeve top, followed by my fluffy socks. At this point I can not wait to snuggle in bed with my Hot water bottle keeping me extra warm. (sometimes I may go the extra mile and make a hot chocolate with marshmallows on top). YUMMM!!!

After I get in bed its only right that I get my Macbook and my headphones and log on to Netflix and watch a movie till I fall asleep.


Thanks for reading my very brief night time routine.

Please let me know in the comments section if there any other skin care products that I can use that are very kind to sensitive skin as I have very dry skin and eczema during the winter!!

mwahhh xxxxx

Fenty Beauty Foundation Review!!

With my first makeup post for my blog i thought it was only right to share how much I love the new Rihanna Fenty Foundation. fenty

My shade is 310 and I have never experienced a foundation that is the perfect match for my skin tone and make me look like I didn’t even put foundation on. I am forever amazed at how Rihanna Fenty Foundation managed to make me look so flawless with this product.

First of all lets talk about the packaging!! Its amazing!! The bottle is just so beautiful it stands out alone on my make up table and I love how there is quite a lot of foundation inside, plus you only need one or two pumps for full amazing coverage so I can tell the product will last a very long time. Definitely worth the money.

The application of this product is very light on the face, which I was very shocked about considering it gives a full coverage. Personally I don’t like the feeling of heavy foundation on my face but I love the look of a full coverage and Rihanna (Fenty) was able to achieve that, which I am most impressed about.

fenty make up

Another thing that shocked me is the price of this amazing product. When it first launched I was ready to pay a £60.00 (or more) for this product because it was Rihanna Make up line and I am already a huge fan of Rihanna. It shocked me how affordable it is, £26.00 for foundation which is cheaper than what I would usually pay for another brand.


I am really excited to try on her other Make up products such as their Highlighters, Contour kits, eyeshadows, and lipsticks. I will take beautiful pictures and do reviews on the next Fenty Beauty product I will purchase.

Just like Rihanna’s music, she never fails to disappoint me and she did it with her Makeup line.

Il love to know anyones else opinion on the Fenty Foundation.

Is Anyone as excited as I am??


Feeling Demotivated??!! Steps to help you stay on top :)


If you are living in the UK, we all know we are now transitioning to the cold weather, Winter is finally here!!! Winter is the season where most of us would rather to sit at home with a cup of hot chocolate by the fire, watching Netflix.

I have come with steps to help continue to feel motivated during the winter and enjoy this beautiful season as it is leading up to christmas.

Steps To Stay Motivated:

  • if you don’t already have one, buy a weekly planner. where you are able to write your daily tasks and activities that need to be done during the day. Trust me writing it down makes it more easier to complete tasks.
  • As we all know it is winter so we all want to spend that extra minute or hour in bed where it is warm. It is important to set a loud alarm in the morning so that your day feels a little bit longer as we tend to have shorter days and longer nights.
  • Feeling energised is another important factor after waking up, i would advise to wear your gym clothes and go for a cheeky jog or run or do a home workout….You will feel much better after and ready to start your day.
  • This is the most important for me! GETTING READY!! Once the shower or bath will wake you up and wear a nice outfit do your hair and makeup you will definitely feel like your ready to do those tasks, whether its house work, running errands, going to work, doing a hobby, or even meeting family and friends.
  • But before that, have a good breakfast, and input some vitamins (Fruit, fruit juices, or smoothies) into the breakfast to also give you natural sugars and energy.
  • Take a break, take time to yourself, whether it is reading, taking a walk, or watching your favourite tv show, it is important to meditate and take time to yourself to reflect and unwind, it helps clear the mind and destress.

If you feel like there are steps that I have missed to help you stay motivated please feel free to leave a comment, il love to see other peoples opinions to staying motivated during the winter!

About Me


Welcome to my first EVER blog where I am going to provide creative content on things I love the most and are very passionate about which is Makeup, Beauty tips and tricks, and lifestyle such as self love and health.

Through this page il be expressing my favourite things about what I love, and my past experiences (good and bad) to influence and help others.

Im excited to start this new journey of expressing my opinions and thoughts and helping others with things I am most passionate about.