Hey guys!!

This has been on my mind lately and I feel the best way to express be through writing. When things tend to be hard/ a struggle I feel that it important to have a constant reminder of what is important and that is Self Happiness. And it is nice to have a bit of inspiration or reminder from time to time.

My favourite quote is:

“Let your dreams be bigger than your fears & Actions be louder than your words”

I look at this quote from time to time and remind myself to not hold back and the world is my oyster. Be connected with making yourself happy and all loved ones and take time to treat yourself and focus on doing things that makes you happy. Once you are able to focus on yourself and happiness that will change your whole perspective of life and what you see everyday.

Its funny how the little things and little steps can make a huge difference in your whole day and emotions and mood.

Finding what makes you happy such as an activity gives you the chance to get to know yourself more and find out what you are good at, it also keeps a distraction from stressful situations in the outside world and benefits you from progress in life and feel one hundred per cent better afterwards.

Being active in my opinion is extremely important in mental health and physical too. Negative emotions and moods can sometimes be the cause is not being active of making that step to dreams as fears tend to take over if you allow it to and thoughts starts to develop. For this reason try to stay motivated as that sense of accomplishment can make everything ten times better!

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